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Having a mindful comeback

Mental Training tips for athletes who will resume training soon (Post Lockdown)

Start slow and steady

Be mindful of the fact that the aim in the first couple of weeks isnt to get back into ‘form’ or how you were pre-lockdown. The aim is to settle back into routine. If you rush, it can cost you with an injury. Stay calm, slow and steady.


Set realistic goals

Make sure you set daily goals based on how you first week post-lockdown goes. You will know your pluses and minuses. Based on which, you can start setting your comeback goals. Aim to get back into your training regime


Practice, practice and practice

Aim to gain mastery over your training, not to win a match or even a practice match.


Focus on yourself, not others

Everyone has gone through this break. Do not compare your ‘comeback’ with others. Every athlete has different capacities to resume. Focus on sharpening your skill set and not get aggressive to defeat someone in resuming your game and form.


Respect your coaches and support staff’s decisions on certain specific rules

Do not underestimate your coach’s or support staff’s suggestion to take it slow. It does mean something especially after a break of 50+ days.

Practice, play and have fun: with social distancing. Remember we are not out of the pandemic yet. Keep safe distance while playing and follow every rule needed. Stay safe, play well

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