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Exercising in the time of Covid-19: Adapting to the change.

Written by: Shruti Nair and Dwija Asher

The world is still dealing with the impact of Covid -19 whilst we slowly make an attempt to limp back to normalcy.

The advanced technology has made sure that we do not get completely detached from our fields. Since a majority of our time has been spent virtually, our lifestyles have become more sedentary. Exercising during this pandemic has been advised to keep us from becoming unfit. For professional sports players, maintaining their fitness has been the priority. They have had to adapt their fitness forms to maintain flexibility and motor coordination, rather than endurance and stamina.

As gradually everyone is getting back to their routine, here are some ways to exercise that will help us mentally and physically:

Yoga: Yoga is considered to be the most effective form of exercise that helps our bodies to be more flexible and relaxed. In yoga through meditation, one can work on their mindfulness, which will indeed help in being in the present. Trying online yoga session would be highly recommended.

  • Dance workouts: Dance workouts are a fun way to sweat yourselves or even to get yourselves moving whenever you don’t feel like getting up.

  • Skip or Jog on the spot: Running and skipping are considered to be great cardio workouts.

  • Stretching after waking up: You feel you don't have a lot of time, try to just stretch every muscle as soon as you wake up.

  • Mindful pause exercise: Not being able to step out of the house has had a big impact on our minds as well. Trying to be in the moment and focusing just on our breathing for a while will help us relax better. Having such mini-breaks in our whole day will also help us de-stress ourselves from uncertainties and outcomes.

These are some ways that one can adapt themselves into as this will help them be fit. Now that gradually everyone is getting back to their regimes, there are few things that they should take care about. It will take time to get back to the perfect shape or perfectly aligned routines even if you have worked out throughout the lockdown, and it’s okay. Social Distancing from your teammates will be a priority. This will keep you and your teammates both safe. Lastly, the whole world has suffered from this pandemic and everyone will be starting from their zero level of progression, so focusing on each day’s progression is advised.

Shruti and Dwija are Sport Psychology Consultants with us. Shruti is a basketball player and Dwija is an international Gymnast.

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