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Sport Parents, Relax.

I remember watching this video sometime back and I remembered it again yesterday after seeing what the parents do when their child participates in a competition. There are two kinds- silent and observant noisy and well (unfortunately) they dont see the actual picture do they! After the kids to get all the medals... And I have seen this with most mothers. Woah, just relax! they are kids they need to enjoy the sport a bit. It feels they too want to swim or take the racquets in their own hands and just play!

Besides this, post the event if the child fails to fulfil their expectations (that is win,obviously), then the child had it! Question and answers followed by "How could you miss that! How could you not win the race"

Kids need to love their sport more, dont let them leave it because of the pressure (which is not needed when the child is 8-9 years!)

Hope many more parents encourage their children to take up some sport and make them play competitive sport, but just step away from the sidelines when they play. I am sure many children would love to see observing parents, but with a little bit of decorum maintained ;)

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