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As an athlete or a coach, you may wonder even after hours of technical training why you or your athletes crumble under pressure? Our tailor-made programmes cater to both individual players, coaches and teams to help you deal with this. 

One-to-One Sessions

All our sport psychologists conduct sessions individually. This helps you as an athlete get help on the issues that you are looking to seek help for. To know more click the button below.

Coaches Education Programme

MFP along with MindSports by Mugdha Bavare, have developed a course for coach's education in sport psychology. More often so, we have met coaches with misguided or wrong information about sport psychology. This course offers to help squash those myths and help coaches feel included in the process of mental training for athletes. Become an informed coach today. Programmes available in English, Hindi and Marathi. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are conducted with a pure purpose of educating the group of athletes. The plus point is, coaches of the club or team are also involved to help the athletes. Click the button to understand the topics we cover in a group session

Parents Workshop

Just like coaches are misguided, sport parents are often blamed for a lot of things, including behaviour post matches and critical points. Our workshops are aimed at understanding the stressors parents face and guiding them with resources to help them become aligned with the sport ecosystem. Click the button to know more about workshop topics. The workshops are available in Hindi, English and Marathi.

What Our Clients Say

Sports Stadium
Archery Board

A 28 year old Archer from Pune

In order for me to develop the mindset needed to represent my country, I had to have a mindset of an Olympian. Varadayini maam helped me build that and its helping in my Olympic journey

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