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How important is it to condition your mind in order to be productive at your job and in turn have a higher job satisfaction and be content with your career graph? We believe that it is very crucial for both, the person as well as the organisation. Our programmes include mental training techniques tailored for professionals so that they can perform optimally even in a stressful environment.

Locker Room to Board Room

One day Masterclass for your future leaders on how can you adopt the locker room preparations in your boardroom. Know how do the greats like Federer, Dravid and Tiger Woods get into the zone that get out the best in them. 

Duration: 2 hours OR 4 hours

Mind-O-Meter Assessments

For smaller groups and start ups, we have designed mindfulness and performance oriented assessment tool that helps recognise the 4 pillars of mindfulness within the organisation. Please connect for further details of the same

Mindful Ninja

A masterclass program on managing your emotions at workplace and understanding the concept of mindfulness. Groups of 20 are recommended for the program

Duration: 2 hours OR 4 hours

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