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MFP Approach


  • The client is a human first and then a player/performer

  • Varadayini believes the role of a sport/performance psychologist is to not only work around optimizing performance but  also developing him/her overall as a human being. 

  • To make the approach more holistic, she also works with some sport S&C coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists to maximize the benefits and minimize the efforts for the clients. 

  • In addition, sometimes she prefers working closely with the coach as well as parents/ significant others to gather an overall understanding of the client's life.


  • Varadayini feels she does not belong to any specific school of psychology, but the interventions she use have a base of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. 

  • The approach of a session depends on the client's needs and demands, hence it is more eclectic in nature. 

  • She also use some techniques which have a base of Mindfulness (MBI). 

  • With a few sports and clients, she also makes use of technology, by using heart rate trackers or HRV monitors. 


  • Any Psychology sessions are usually visualised with a client lying down and the psychologist taking notes. 

  • Though this could be a way of dealing with many clients, Varadayini's approach is usually observing and preferably having the session the client's zone of performance. Example, with an athlete, it would be the track/ ground.

  • The sessions are educative in nature. There are no 'end to end' solutions, but a way is recommended, of how do we deal with this issue?

The Common Intervention Techniques

Breathing for Relaxation

Using various breathing techniques like belly breathing, reduced breathing helps you to manage anxiety, stress and pressure.

Goal Setting

Helping performers set the right goals and also teach them the right methods of setting goals.


Helping performers develop a productive self-talk in order to make their mindset more focused and positive 


Teaching performers the method of visualising not only about winning but also how to overcome difficulties.  

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