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MFP for Workplace

How important is it to condition your mind in order to be productive at your job and in turn have a higher job satisfaction and be content with your career graph? We believe that it is very crucial for both, the person as well as the organisation. Our programmes include mental training techniques tailored for professionals so that they can perform optimally even in a stressful environment.

Locker Room to Boardroom

Half Day | One Day


One day Masterclass for your future leaders on how can you adopt the locker room preparations in your boardroom. Know how do the greats like Federer, Dravid and Tiger Woods get into the zone that get out the best in them. 

Mindful Emotions at Work

5 Sessions | 3 Hours


A 5 session in-person or virtual program on managing your emotions at workplace. Groups of 20 are recommended for the program

Individual Sessions

10 Sessions | 1 Hour


A 10 session individual program on developing peak performance at a High Performance Environment. 

MFP for Education

Students undergo a lot of stress and pressure due to the environment, expectations from others around them or even expectations from themselves. Dealing with emotions, stressful thoughts and even managing the day becomes a task because we are not taught to manage these areas. MFP for Education program helps students manage pressure as well as develop a stronger mindset for challenges. 

Individual Stress Management

12 Weeks | 10 Sessions

This program is exclusively for students who are about to study for crucial exams and a lot of stress has consumed their mind. This program includes a first session with parents and assessment and 9 follow up sessions focusing on peak development and mindfulness.

One day Workshop on Peak Performance

1 Session | 3 Hours

Ideally for Parents, Teachers and Schools who would want to know basics of peak performance through the mindset of sporting greats.

A day with the psychologist

1Day | 3 Hours

Want to know more about our career? Invite Varadayini and few of her colleagues to your school or college to know the different areas of psychology, especially sport psychology and how does the career take shape. 

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