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MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting is a high performance consultancy focusing on developing potentials of athletes and performers by training their mind. 

Our key objective is to enhance performance at grass-root or elite levels through psychological interventions.

Our dream mission is to ensure every team- sport, business or any performance oriented group- has a sport or performance psychologist as a part of their support squad


Varadayini Gorhe

Sport and Exercise Psychologist & Founder

Professional Member

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Varadayini is a sport and exercise psychologist and has a masters from Loughborough University (2012) UK. ​

Her prime objective is to develop and optimise the potential of athletes and professionals working high-pressure environments. Varadayini designs programmes to help professionals perform to their capability by putting their "Mind First".

Varadayini has worked with a lot of players individually in India. Recently, she was the psychologist of the Indian Rowing Team in 2018 Asian Games. 

Besides sports, she also works with corporates as well as students to help develop pressure coping strategies.

Varadayini is a professional member with Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). 

Our Approach


  • We believe, the client is a human first and then a player/performer. We take non-judgmental approach in our sessions.

  • Our aim is to make the approach more holistic which is why we also work in tandem with some sport S&C coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists. This is to maximize the benefits and minimize the efforts for the clients. 

  • In addition, we prefer working closely with the coach as well as parents/ significant others to gather an overall understanding of the client's life.


  • The approach of a session depends on the client's needs and demands, hence it is more eclectic in nature. 

  • We also use some techniques which have a base of Mindfulness (MBI). 

  • With a few sports and clients, we also makes use of technology, by using heart rate trackers or HRV monitors. 


  • Any Psychology sessions are usually visualised with a client lying down and the psychologist taking notes. 

  • Though this could be a way of dealing with many clients, Varadayini's approach is usually observing and preferably having the session the client's zone of performance. Example, with an athlete, it would be the track/ ground.

  • The sessions are educative in nature. There are no 'end to end' solutions, but a way is recommended, of how do we deal with this issue?

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Varadayini Gorhe: +919819024453; mindfirstsport@gmail.com

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