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About Us

MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting is a high performance consultancy focusing on developing potentials of athletes and performers by training their mind. 

Our key objective is to enhance performance at grass-root or elite levels through psychological interventions.

Our dream mission is to ensure every team- sport, business or any performance oriented group- has a sport or performance psychologist as a part of their support squad



Varadayini Gorhe 


Varadayini is a sport and exercise psychologist and has a masters from Loughborough University (2012) UK. ​

Her prime objective is to develop and optimise the potential of athletes and professionals working high-pressure environments. Varadayini designs programmes to help professionals perform to their capability by putting their "Mind First".

Varadayini has worked with a lot of players individually in India. Recently, she was the psychologist of the Indian Rowing Team in 2018 Asian Games. 

Besides sports, she also works with corporates as well as students to help develop pressure coping strategies.

Varadayini is a professional member with Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). 

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Mugdha Bavare

Resource Person & Expert

A Counseling Psychologist from the University of Mumbai, Mugdha is a founder member of Disha Counseling Center, a mental health center based in Mumbai.

A swimmer par excellence, Mugdha has won over 500 gold medals, 300 silver medals and 200 bronze medals at various competitions across different age groups. She has won the prestigious Chhatrapati Award, the highest state-level award for excellence in sports, in the year 1994-95.

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Shruti Nair

Consulting Psychologist

​Shruti Nair has completed her Masters in Counselling psychology from SNDT in 2019 and has graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She is a state level Basketball and Throwball player and has been actively involved in sports since the past 12 years. She aims to combine her interests of sport and psychology to create awareness in recognising the of a sport. With an emphasis on mental well-being of athletes, her goal is to enhance the sporting experience of others !


Shruti is also an avid reader with a particular interest in History and Mythology.

Dwija Asher

Consulting Psychologist

Dwija has studied MA in Industrial psychology from University of Mumbai.
She is an International Gymnastics Player.
Dwija has also been awarded the prestigious Shiv Chattrapati Award in the game of gymnastics.
She aims to guide younger generation to overcome Mental obstacles and have a growing mindset towards life.

Her journey as an athlete so far has helped her guide her clients and she aims to continue to do so by also guiding coaches and parents 

Our Approach

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