MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting is a high performance consultancy focusing on developing potentials of athletes and performers by training their mind. 

Our Approach


  • We believe, the client is a human first and then a player/performer 

  • Our aim is to make the approach more holistic which is why we also work in tandem with some sport S&C coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists. This is to maximize the benefits and minimize the efforts for the clients. 

  • In addition, we prefer working closely with the coach as well as parents/ significant others to gather an overall understanding of the client's life.


  • The approach of a session depends on the client's needs and demands, hence it is more eclectic in nature. 

  • We also use some techniques which have a base of Mindfulness (MBI). 

  • With a few sports and clients, we also makes use of technology, by using heart rate trackers or HRV monitors. 


  • Any Psychology sessions are usually visualised with a client lying down and the psychologist taking notes. 

  • Though this could be a way of dealing with many clients, Varadayini's approach is usually observing and preferably having the session the client's zone of performance. Example, with an athlete, it would be the track/ ground.

  • The sessions are educative in nature. There are no 'end to end' solutions, but a way is recommended, of how do we deal with this issue?

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