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About MFP

MindFirst Performance Psychology Consulting is a high performance consultancy focusing on developing potentials of athletes and performers by training their mind. MFP is nurtured and developed by Varadayini Gorhe, a Sport and Exercise Psychologist trained in one of the best institutes in U.K, Loughborough University.

Our key objective is to enhance performance at grass-root or elite levels through psychological interventions.

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Mission and Vision

The Key Mission is to develop an ethically strong team and network of qualified sport and exercise psychologists in India. 

Everyone has a vision of training Olympians. We do envision the same, but we want to develop stronger roots to dream of 100+ Olympic medals by 2036

Playing Golf

Work Ethics



Informed Consent 

Welfare of the client



To know more about the details about ethics that the psychologists with MFP follow, please connect with Varadayini 

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